I’ve always had a propensity to want to save the planet because I know how much damage we’ve done over the short timespan that we’ve inhabited the earth. It seems like so many movies and shows these days are talking about post-apocalyptic earth and each day brings us closer to doomsday. I’m a young mom of an adorable (moms are biased) little boy. If you’re anything like me, you constantly think about your kids and the life that you are leaving for them. Since the days of Al Gore and his documentary that he came out with, it’s stayed on my mind but it never truly hit me until I had a little baby growing inside my belly. I realized the kind of love you could have for another human being and all of a sudden I didn’t want them to come into the world anymore. What with all the plastic islands, whales being stranded, undrinkable water, microplastics, and corporations polluting like they were trendsetters. As you can see I’m not happy about them. I feel that those with more fortune and power comes more responsibility to help those that are less fortunate and give back to the community that allowed them to have wealth. Maybe I’ve been watching too many heroes on tv. So I’ve been soul searching through documentaries, controversial articles and interviews, and just speaking with others in general. It seems that we all have a consensus that the government isn’t doing the world’s greatest job in making sure they guide the people to what’s best for us. Too many crooks in the kitchen as I like to think.

To conclude, I’ve started this blog to share information with you and I hope to have deep conversations with like-minded and unlike-minded individuals like yourselves to gather more knowledge about what can be done to improve ourselves and our home.