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Zero Waste Home

Zero Waste Home

Waste elimination in the home is a new trend that is catching on among millennials. However, I am not talking about throwing away trash for the trash truck to haul away. Minimalism has been growing around the world and it encompasses living a life without excess. It hasn’t quite become a common lifestyle yet, but its slowly catching peoples attention. This lifestyle is predominantly about those who want to lessen the effects of waste on earth and their carbon footprint. The mantra of the experts is “Reduce, reuse, recycle”. This way of living is definitely not easy. I speak from experience because I myself am on this journey. It takes a lot of consciousness, courage, and commitment. I didn’t realize how much plastic I threw away until I had to choose things to buy that did not include something disposable. A great book to read if you are interested in trying this is the book called “Zero Waste Home” by Bea Johnson.


One of the many things this lifestyle talks about is composting food. This is a type of recycling that involves reusing food waste to recreate nutritious soil for plants. People would choose to have a vegetable garden, and they grow their own produce to reduce the consumption of items from supermarkets. This limits that chance of having to buy prepackaged items. By growing their own produce it also allows them to control the use of pesticides and spending less money each month. Some even go to the extremes of raising their own chicken in their backyards to have organic eggs. There are several methods of composting that are available.

Methods of Composting

Reusable Containers

A big thing in that you will see is mason jars or labeled containers for food. Rather than having cans and boxes of prepackaged food, people will shop at stores with food sold in bulk. For instance, at Winco, there is a section that has bulk cereal, beans, pasta, and etc. You can bring your jars or cotton bags to these stores and grab them directly from the dispensers and have it weighed at the checkout.

Packaged Shipping

When it comes to buying online items, it becomes very hard to find things that are wasteless. Sometimes it seems like companies go out of their way to include tons of plastic wrappings on top of more wrappings. Some companies are good about this, such as Package Free Shop. Their variety is not as big as amazon, but the few items they do have are for those looking to keep costs low over time and responsibly shipped.


Plastic Pollution


Plastic Pollution

Plastic is becoming a huge epidemic in our society today. It not only affect marine life but also people on a microscopic level. Plastic takes a significant amount of time to dissolve or decompose and usually end up in our seafood. We may think that the plastic we put in the recycling bin is going to the right places, but a lot of it gets blown into the streets and it becomes a domino effect. Street sweeping was intended to clean up our street but all it does is push the garbage around and into the sewers which end up in our oceans.

Year after year during the rain we have garbage floating down the river and it has become horrific to the point of people dreading the rain in some areas. We have paid money to have convenience, but that has robbed us of our future livelihoods. The easy route is not always the right one. This video shows the effects of the plastic waste in our oceans. To think that we have let it get this bad is so unreal, yet this is our planet in its present state.

There need to be changes made and we have to work together as a group to get it done right. This can no longer be left to the government to make the right decisions. As people of this earth, we have to come up with a solution together and be committed to making a difference in our everyday lives.