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Alternatives to a Plastic Toothbrush

Alternatives to a Plastic Toothbrush

Do you use a plastic toothbrush? If you think about how many toothbrushes we use per year, you’d know that we go through them pretty often. Toothbrushes aren’t recycled due to sanitation reasons and because of this they end up in the landfills and go to the ocean after where they will stay in the ocean. People are advised by their dentists to change their toothbrush every 3 months or as they get worn. Therefore, if you’re following these instructions it’s four per year. Four per year seems like a little but most people live to be around 70 years old, and it really adds up over time.

Types of Toothbrush

Currently, there aren’t many toothbrushes that are fully biodegradable. However, there are companies that try to use recycled materials as well as brush handles that are biodegradable. Some of the companies create bamboo handles such as Giving Brush, Woobamboo, and others that use recycled materials like Bogo Brush. Another alternative to toothbrushes are chewsticks, which are fully biodegradable. However, they are not as popular because it takes more time to prep and use. If you are interested in trying a chewstick, companies that sell them are Miswak Sticks, and Twig Brush.

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