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    Things that Caused My Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

    Years of high mold exposure I moved into my apartment in 2014. It was a perfect little one bedroom with a washer/dryer hookup and a dining nook that I later blocked off to become my son’s bedroom. Everything was wonderful for the first 2 years. Then I became depressed and filled with anxiety. My social life tanked and my memory got foggy. I started losing my hair and began getting panic attacks. I thought it was all due to being a single mom. I talked to my doctor’s but they couldn’t advise me what to do because they didn’t live with me. I was given pain killers to relieve my…

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    Tree Planting Volunteers Needed!

    Dear Neighborhood and Community Leaders & Urban Forester Volunteers — Thank you all for your help to make a difference for the environment by pledging to help plant up to 88 new street trees in the Ridgewood Triangle neighborhood in Long Beach!  Attached are the updated event flyer and volunteer waivers to bring with you on planting day. Ridgewood Triangle Neighborhood Tree Planting “Plant a Tree for the Holidays”  Saturday, December 21, 2019 9 a.m. – noon Meeting Location: 4681 Goldfield Avenue Long Beach, CA 90807 Up to 88 trees will be planted in the neighborhood bounded by: Del Amo Boulevard –- North San Antonio Drive –- South Cherry Avenue — East Orange Avenue -– West Ridgewood Triangle Neighborhood Association is committed to…

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    Discovering my Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

    When I found out about multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), it didn’t start with that. It all started with my suspicions of mold. I noticed that the food in my kitchen was going bad quickly and I thought maybe my body was allergic to mold. I called an inspector to check it out. It turned out that my house had a high level of mold but the inspectors would tell me that it didn’t seem high enough to make me as sick as I was. I was having symptoms of fibromyalgia and scoliosis. So, it turns out that it was not just the mold but also a gas leak in my…

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    The laundry detergent for multiple chemicals sensitivities

    For the longest time, I was going through different laundry detergents to relieve the pain I felt in my back from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I’ve used everything under the sun listed below. Arm & Hammer Gain Lysol sanitizer with laundry detergent Castile soap alone Baking soda alone Vinegar alone Vinegar and baking soda together Castille soap and vinegar Hemp bar soap alone Washing soda alone, Washing soda and baking soda with Castille bar soap grated into my own formula (following recipes for homemade laundry detergent). Unfortunately, nothing worked! I was beginning to feel like I was a freak. I thought about going out and buying organic cotton clothing because I…

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    How to Detox from mold

    When my health started to go south due to mold I decided to take things into my own hands. Unfortunately, my doctors didn’t know how to help me. They misdiagnosed me with scoliosis and began planning treatments for it. I just couldn’t accept it because my gut was telling me that they didn’t know what they were doing. I didn’t trust their judgment so I did some research online and found some answers for what I was suffering from. After doing my own research online I was able to understand more about the symptoms that I was experiencing and realized that I had CIRS or MCS. Self-diagnosing is frowned upon…

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    Is Mold Causing Your Health Problems?

    I’ve been healthy most of my life and mold was the last thing I thought would ever ruin my health. I was always on the slender side and enjoyed light exercise as well as vegetables more than meat. I never considered myself an unhealthy person. So I didn’t understand why at the age of 24 I was starting to feel my body giving out on me. I had been working a desk job for a couple of years and I had my son at 20 years old. So I attributed it to lack of exercise and stress from parenthood. However, even when I exercised it only seemed to make my…

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    Bulk Shopping Reduces Plastic

    Just about everyone is looking for ways to save money when shopping. And we found a number of items that will save money if you buy in bulk. Why does buying in bulk matter beyond cost-savings? Many of the products we buy contain packaging that costs money and natural resources to make. Plus, it’s often immediately thrown away, creating waste for landfills. So if you can buy in bulk, you often eliminate some need for packaging, which has a positive impact on the environment. One study also found that food packaging can lead to chronic, low-level ingestion of synthetic chemicals over time, so buying in bulk might also help preserve your health…

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    Alternative Menstrual Products

    Alternative Menstrual Products The average female starts her period beginning at the age of 12 and has to buy menstrual products for it. During their lifetime, they spend an average of $18,000 on menstrual or birth control products, according to Huffington Post. Being a woman is with cramps is already hard enough, but having to spend so much money makes the pain even less worth it. Now think of all the tampons and plastic wrap that we use during those 3 to 5 days for years. As someone who dislikes plastic and having periods, I jumped at the chance of trying something new. I tried birth control to stop myself from…

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    Alternatives to Styrofoam Boxes

    My Journey to finding alternatives for food containers Recently, I bought myself a Bento box made of stainless steel as one of the alternatives to styrofoam boxes. My intention was to bring it with me to cut down on styrofoam or disposable containers. I also purchased a little pouch for my previously purchased steel straw and my own utensils from home. It was frustrating at first because my habits were extremely hard to break. Getting myself to remember to bring it with me was hard with my erratic lifestyle. I realized that being conscious of my actions was the hardest part. Here are the steps I took to finally get…

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    Precious Plastic

    DIY Plastic Recycling at Home Plastic is a rising problem in our world today, and unfortunately, the recycling system in the US is simply inefficient. Because of the convenience of plastic in our everyday packaging, it is accumulating faster than can be broken down. This is why we need to look for direct ways to combat this issue. In 2013 Dave Hakken from the Netherlands started his campaign called Precious Plastic to fight this problem. He collected pieces of plastic to create reusable items around the house. Then he shared this information and his blueprints on the web, and it spread like wildfire. His method was to break down plastic by shredding them into tiny…

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