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    Changing Habits with the 5 Second Rule

    My Vision I decided to create my morning routine habit after listening to an audiobook called the “5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins. My relationship of 3 years just ended and I was unemployed due to my relationship stress and poor health. I was still living with ex-partner and it was beyond uncomfortable at times. It had me in a depressive state and I barely wanted to get out of bed. I planned to be productive with my day and applied for jobs but it would end with me being on a youtube binge all day, wondering where my day went. I was in desperate need of strategies to get…

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    Tree Planting Volunteers Needed!

    Dear Neighborhood and Community Leaders & Urban Forester Volunteers — Thank you all for your help to make a difference for the environment by pledging to help plant up to 88 new street trees in the Ridgewood Triangle neighborhood in Long Beach!  Attached are the updated event flyer and volunteer waivers to bring with you on planting day. Ridgewood Triangle Neighborhood Tree Planting “Plant a Tree for the Holidays”  Saturday, December 21, 2019 9 a.m. – noon Meeting Location: 4681 Goldfield Avenue Long Beach, CA 90807 Up to 88 trees will be planted in the neighborhood bounded by: Del Amo Boulevard –- North San Antonio Drive –- South Cherry Avenue — East Orange Avenue -– West Ridgewood Triangle Neighborhood Association is committed to…

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    Plastic Pollution

      Plastic Pollution Plastic is becoming a huge epidemic in our society today. It not only affect marine life but also people on a microscopic level. Plastic takes a significant amount of time to dissolve or decompose and usually end up in our seafood. We may think that the plastic we put in the recycling bin is going to the right places, but a lot of it gets blown into the streets and it becomes a domino effect. Street sweeping was intended to clean up our street but all it does is push the garbage around and into the sewers which end up in our oceans. Year after year during the…

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