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    Alternative Menstrual Products

    Alternative Menstrual Products The average female starts her period beginning at the age of 12 and has to buy menstrual products for it. During their lifetime, they spend an average of $18,000 on menstrual or birth control products, according to Huffington Post. Being a woman is with cramps is already hard enough, but having to spend so much money makes the pain even less worth it. Now think of all the tampons and plastic wrap that we use during those 3 to 5 days for years. As someone who dislikes plastic and having periods, I jumped at the chance of trying something new. I tried birth control to stop myself from…

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    Precious Plastic

    DIY Plastic Recycling at Home Plastic is a rising problem in our world today, and unfortunately, the recycling system in the US is simply inefficient. Because of the convenience of plastic in our everyday packaging, it is accumulating faster than can be broken down. This is why we need to look for direct ways to combat this issue. In 2013 Dave Hakken from the Netherlands started his campaign called Precious Plastic to fight this problem. He collected pieces of plastic to create reusable items around the house. Then he shared this information and his blueprints on the web, and it spread like wildfire. His method was to break down plastic by shredding them into tiny…

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    Alternatives to a Plastic Toothbrush

    Alternatives to a Plastic Toothbrush Do you use a plastic toothbrush? If you think about how many toothbrushes we use per year, you’d know that we go through them pretty often. Toothbrushes aren’t recycled due to sanitation reasons and because of this they end up in the landfills and go to the ocean after where they will stay in the ocean. People are advised by their dentists to change their toothbrush every 3 months or as they get worn. Therefore, if you’re following these instructions it’s four per year. Four per year seems like a little but most people live to be around 70 years old, and it really adds up over time.…

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