Plastic Pollution


Plastic Pollution

Plastic is becoming a huge epidemic in our society today. It not only affect marine life but also people on a microscopic level. Plastic takes a significant amount of time to dissolve or decompose and usually end up in our seafood. We may think that the plastic we put in the recycling bin is going to the right places, but a lot of it gets blown into the streets and it becomes a domino effect. Street sweeping was intended to clean up our street but all it does is push the garbage around and into the sewers which end up in our oceans.

Year after year during the rain we have garbage floating down the river and it has become horrific to the point of people dreading the rain in some areas. We have paid money to have convenience, but that has robbed us of our future livelihoods. The easy route is not always the right one. This video shows the effects of the plastic waste in our oceans. To think that we have let it get this bad is so unreal, yet this is our planet in its present state.

There need to be changes made and we have to work together as a group to get it done right. This can no longer be left to the government to make the right decisions. As people of this earth, we have to come up with a solution together and be committed to making a difference in our everyday lives.

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