DIY Plastic Recycling at Home

Plastic is a rising problem in our world today, and unfortunately, the recycling system our world has is simply inefficient. It is accumulating faster than can be broken down and I realize that we need to look for direct ways to combat this issue.

In 2013 Dave Hakken from the Netherlands started his campaign called Precious Plastic to fight this problem. He collected pieces of plastic to create reusable items around the house. Then he shared this information and his blueprints on the web and it spread like wildfire. His method was to break down plastic by shredding them into tiny pieces and then are sorted into containers to mold. These molds are made into parts for furniture, toys, household items and even building blocks.

The great thing about this method is the ability to continue reusing pieces for newer items.

This campaign has sparked creativity all over the world, such as a plastic bottle cap to park benches. Plastic bottle caps are rarely recycled because they are so small and usually fall out of recycling trucks. Many people are collecting these caps to use them for benches in community parks and bus stops.

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