Things that Caused My Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Years of high mold exposure

I moved into my apartment in 2014. It was a perfect little one bedroom with a washer/dryer hookup and a dining nook that I later blocked off to become my son’s bedroom. Everything was wonderful for the first 2 years. Then I became depressed and filled with anxiety. My social life tanked and my memory got foggy. I started losing my hair and began getting panic attacks. I thought it was all due to being a single mom. I talked to my doctor’s but they couldn’t advise me what to do because they didn’t live with me. I was given pain killers to relieve my back pain. I started to see a therapist but they all said I seemed normal. I started taking iron pills because I was easily cold and my hair seemed to stay on my scalp with it. However, my bathroom didn’t have a fan for ventilation and I found myself cleaning mold often. I never thought anything of it.

Gas leak in my house

I moved into my house at the end of 2018. It was a fixer upper and we did alot of low-budget remodeling to make it more updated before we moved in. We thought that was the beginning to our new life. Three months in my relationship was having issues and we were arguing all the time. Then I started having excruciating back pain and headaches. I couldn’t understand what was going on but every time I went into the house I knew something was wrong. After many doctor visits and tests, they still couldn’t figure out what was wrong. So I decided to stay with my mom. My son and I left to my parents and my boyfriend went to his parents. We were not sure why things had gotten so bad. Then we got the house tested and found out there was high levels of mold and my kitchen had a gas leak. That’s why my plants were so quickly dying and my pets all died. Things have gotten better since but my body is still sensitive to alot of things. We are working on that with detox, exercise, and diet.

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